Picture of J.T.

From a Terrible Loss, an Important Mission:
The Legacy of Jeremy Todd Crow

Jeremy Todd “J.T.” Crow was a happy and vibrant 9-year-old boy who attended elementary school in Winnsboro, Texas.  At school, J.T. – or “Bubba” as his parents often called him – was a straight ‘A’ student who loved science and learning about animals, especially butterflies and birds.  J.T. also loved being outside and enjoyed playing soccer and football.  One day, he was going to play for the Texas Long Horns, he told his parents. 

June 22nd, 2007: A Special Life Cut Short by Tragedy

J.T.’s dreams were cut short during a visit to see his grandparents in Newton County, Texas.  J.T. and his older sister went for a ride in a 2007 Yamaha Rhino 450.  While riding at a slow speed, the ATV suddenly and inexplicably rolled over.  Though young J.T. was wearing a safety belt, he was thrown from the Rhino and then pinned beneath the half-ton vehicle as it rolled over.

Paramedics rushed J.T. to the emergency room of Jasper Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Texas, but he had sustained more substantial injuries than his young body could handle. 

From Tragedy to Legacy: The  Mission of The J.T. Crow Memorial Fund

In his loving memory, the J.T. Crow Memorial Fund was started to raise ATV safety awareness through periodic fundraising events and public education.